Friday, September 2, 2011

The Space In-between

The space in-between, where dreams are spun but never realized where fantasies are conceived but inevitably die

Pictures of life that are different somehow, better, brighter, more beautiful, and fake

Dangerous are the creations of this in-between, just real enough to tease, but never true enough to taste

Sweetness indescribable and seeming of no end , but bitter bite of winter when trod under by experience

Somewhere in-between what is and what could be, people you think you know but not really

Carbon copy shells, that smile, wave, laugh, love, and lie

Stuck in-between prophecy and lunacy, the ideal of joy and the cruelty of fate

Life and death are bed-fellows, feasting tables laden in the middle of barren fields strewn with bones

In-between decision and action, such an easy place to be

Yet endlessly frustrating, ultimately debilitating

In-between emotions that ebb and flow with fury

Impossible to stem, here creating, here destroying

In-between good and evil, imagination and asphyxiation

Born to dream, but destined to fall short

All have encountered in-between, some perpetually, some only on occasion

Once visited, truth is clearer, but it is in some small way, wished incoherently false

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